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    Sparx Auto Maintenance & Repair Services
Oil, Lube & Filter Changes

Our maintenance services are second to none! We will change your vehicle's oil, replace your oil filter, inspect your fluid levels and generally make sure your vehicle is in safe condition.

We use top quality products, and perform top quality service. As an added benefit for a wide range of vehicles on the road today, we offer specific oil designs which address the demands of the current lubricant market.

Regular 10w30 and 5w30 motor oil: Fine tuned for engines in their prime, provides advanced friction protection, backed by limited warranty that protects your engine's lubrication related parts.

High Mileage 10w30, 5w30 motor oil: If your car has over 75,000 miles this is the oil for you. It's fine tuned to help restore engine performance and power as an engine ages. It helps prevent engine leaks and oil-burning and it helps keep the lubricated parts of the engine from wearing down and causing premature engine failure.

4x4, SUV, truck, minivan 10w30, 5w30 motor oil: This synthetic blend oil is designed specifically for harder working engines such as SUVs and trucks. This oil protects against engine stress under heavy loads, provides faster lubrication at low temperatures, and lowers oxidation and consumption.

Full synthetic 10w30, 5w30 motor oil: It's fine tuned to provide superior protection for these high tech, high performance engines at higher temperatures. It provides faster lubrication at start-up in extreme low temperatures. And it ensures ultimate protection against the harmful engine deposits that can reduce an engine's overall performance.